Healthy Chinese dim sum (vegan option available)

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Healthy Chinese dim sum (vegan option available)


Duration: 2hrs


Learn how to make three kinds of traditional dim sum guided by Singapore-born Loretta Liu. First you will create your own fine white dough, which you will then fold into classic closed buns and lightly boil.

The basic Chinese bread making techniques for steam buns. Pork/veggie filling to make traditional bao.

This class is a fantastic introduction to dim sum cooking and will equip you with skills and knowledge to produce this healthy variety of the popular Chinese delicacy at home.

Dim sum classes are tailored to preference and dietery requirements including vegetarian and vegan options.



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Modern Dim Sum classJoin us to make your own delicious dim sum dishes. Dim Sum class booking

Posted by On Cafe on Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dim Sum are tapas style dishes eaten commonly by Chinese. Each dish are handmade with care and love. Using fresh ingredients, I will be teaching you to create your own dim sum.
We can use vegetable found commonly in local supermarkets thus it need not be limited to just Chinese supermarkets.
“Contain Pork Please email for vegetable option. “

Menu: Fluffy Chinese bread, Beijing dumplings, Pork/Veggie Bao.




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